Sample visualizations for the Interstate 77/81 project
Sample visualizations for the Interstate 77/81 project

Near the Town of Wytheville, VA, there is an 8-mile stretch of road where two major interstates, I-81 and I-77, overlap. In this area, truck traffic had increased from a projected 15% to up to 40%. For safety reasons, the Virginia Department of Transportation contracted with civil engineering specialists from Virginia Tech to consider location alternatives to separate these two major roadways. 

As part of the location study, the group of civil engineers created 3D, interactive visualizations of proposed routes for the new I-81/I-77 interchange in Wytheville, VA. This multidisciplinary project also aimed to improve citizen involvement in the I-77/I-81 decision-making process and beyond by fostering a well-informed, active citizen body. The traffic changes in this area will have direct economic and development effects on the town of Wytheville and the surrounding areas.

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